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Saline Tattoo Removal Using Botched Ink®

Botched Ink Saline tattoo removals lightening before and after

Are you looking to have your microbladed or permanent makeup eyebrows fixed, corrected or removed? Are your eyebrows saturated with pigment that needs lifting before we can give you amazing new brows? Has your eyebrow tattoo pigment gone a different colour to when you first had them done, and now you don’t like them? Or do you just have tattoo regret and want to start afresh? I can help you with any of these concerns, I’m an officially trained Botched Ink® technician. I can even help with eyebrow emergencies, if a freshly microbladed or tattooed brow turns out completely wrong, Botched Ink® will come to the rescue!

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, please get in touch! If you can send me a good clear photo, and please detail what you’re looking to get fixed, corrected or removed via email to

Frequently asked questions

What is Botched Ink®?

It’s a type of tattoo removal solution used to lift, improve and remove bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup (eyebrows and lip liner) or scalp micropigmentation.

How does Botched Ink® work?

Botched Ink® is a salt based tattoo removal solution, salt dries out skin, kills bacteria and acts as a preservative. When Botched Ink® is implanted into skin, the area quickly dries out. If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process

Will I feel anything?

For most of the treatment, you will feel no discomfort. Towards the end you’ll feel a short and mild sting, this is good, and we want you to feel it as this tells us Botched Ink® has soaked in sufficiently.

How long does each treatment take?

Actual hands on treatment time is about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area we’re working on. Add to this numbing cream and consultation time

How many treatments will I need?

During your initial consultation we take a thorough history of your tattoo, how many treatments and top ups you’ve had, when was the last treatment etc. This helps me understand your tattoo and skin better and advise. As a guide, we always recommend a client mentally and financially commits to a course of 3 treatments, then we can assess how easily the pigment is removing and form the next plan

How quickly can I have treatments?

If it’s a fresh tattoo, the sooner you decide you want to start removal treatments the better. So, within 48 hours is ideal, though if the area has started to dry out and heal, we need to wait for the scab to naturally heal off, and then we can start treatments. Please never attempt any removal treatments yourself, and no picking! This will delay when we can work on you

My eyebrows are really saturated, will it work?

Yes definitely. Please accept that the pigment will be compacted and may well have some scarring, but this is OK as the first couple of Botched Ink® treatments will get the skin improving and pigment removing

Why have my eyebrows changed colour over the years?

Pigments change and degrade over the months and years, there’s many reasons including body acids, pigment oxidation, sun and environmental changes. It’s kind of like when you color your hair, a permanent change was made, but that still fades and changes over time

I had my first Botched Ink® treatment and my eyebrows are even darker than before! What’s happened?

This is a good thing! Pigment that was deeper in your skin has now surfaced, enabling more to remove after the next treatment

I’ve had two sessions and my eyebrows have different colours in them – why?

Brown eyebrow pigment contains various colors to make brown, black, red, yellow, white, and green. These colors remove differently, as black is the easiest colour to remove, the other colors in brown become more visible. All colours will fade and remove

I had my eyebrows tattooed 10 years ago using tattoo ink will Botched Ink® work on mine?

Yes definitely. It may even be easier to remove as tattoo ink requires less (if any) top ups, so you’ll have less pigment in your skin

I just had my eyebrows microbladed 3 days ago and I hate them can you remove them now?

Yes, there is no time limit to when you can start removal treatments, fresh or old tattoos can be removed. With your brows being 3 days old they will be a bit scabby, so we just need that to naturally heal off and then we can get started next week

I’ve had a laser treatment can I have Botched Ink® as well?

The quick answer is yes, we do need to wait 8-12 weeks after your last treatment. If you’re ever to have a combination treatment, it’s always best to have Botched Ink® first, laser second. Botched Ink® brings pigment up and out, laser shatters the pigment which is absorbed down into the body

Is there aftercare to follow after treatment?

Yes, it’s really simple and will be covered during your consultation. You just need to put one application of the aftercare we supply, 48 hours after treatment, and that’s it!

Does the treatment for scalp micropigmentation cost the same as eyebrows?

The treatment area size is limited per session, so we wouldn’t be doing a large area on the scalp. It’s probably within our normal price variance

How much is a treatment?

$250 per session